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14/14H ~ Finally!

Saintly a posted Aug 7, 14

It has been a long road for all of us, one that was filled with a lot of ups and downs. The last three bosses of SoO really tested our raid group. I am so proud to say that we persevered and killing this boss was the best feeling we have had in awhile. It is surely a weight lifted off of all of our shoulders. Thank you to everyone for sticking it out, week after week, Congratulations everyone!

Also, a big shout out to all of the people who were not around for this kill but have helped us so much during this tier. You all know who you are. Thank you so much for being dedicated to the raid and the guild. Without you all none of it would of been possible.

nevvera congrats everyone!
Kyudruid Nicely done, congrats!
Solanith I'm on a Horse!

On to Garrosh!
Mordenov If you think our screenshots are stupid, you need not apply. Anyways, great job guys.

12/14H ~ #thestruggleisreal

Saintly a posted Feb 20, 14

This boss was by far the most challenging encounter our raid has faced in a very long time. Great job to everyone for persevering through what at some points felt like a never-ending story. Our nerd screams said it all.

Only two bosses left. On to the next one..

Rárity shadow orbs are srs business
Saintly a fuck you guys lol
Bolorice Really enjoyed how you included Saintly being upset with us for not letting her have orbs.

11/14H ~ Don't even ask

Saintly a posted Jan 8, 14
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